Hardscaping – or hard landscaping – is a branch of landscaping that encompasses anything to do with your yard or commercial property’s external areas that is not vegetation.

The first things that usually come to mind when thinking about landscaping are lawns, trees, plants and flowers. Hardscaping is the element which ties these parts together into a cohesive design. It adds interest to your outdoor space and provides a pleasing contrast to your greenery, and also ensures that the relationship between your home or building and the outdoors is a fluid one.

What is hardscaping?

  • Paved walkways and paths
  • Walls and fences
  • Patios and decking
  • Yard ornaments and rocks
  • Pergolas and gazebos

Hardscapes Functionality

Hardscapes provide functionality too, improving the livability and usefulness of your yard, particularly in a domestic setting.

Creating hardscaping is not as simple as merely placing a few rocks in the middle of your lawn (although technically speaking that counts!) When professionally executed, hardscapes provide a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment that enhance and improve your property. We work closely with a number of local reputable paving companies to provide you with superior hardscaped services and effects.

Hardscaping can be used to:

  • Enhance privacy and safety
  • Create boundaries, either with neighbors or within your own space – i.e. play areas, vegetable gardens
  • Provide shelter or shade
  • Level out uneven or sloping topography
  • Reduce lawn maintenance